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Being Honest.

You know what, I have this kind of problem of being honest. Maybe the tone of my voice while I'm being honest that make people get me wrong. I'm not shouting, at all. But, maybe the tone. Honestly, I'm afraid to talk. Because many people think that I'm arguing while I'm actually just giving my opinions. And maybe because I'm the kind of person that went straight-to-the-point, it get people feeling offended with my words because I'm going too straight forward harhar.

God please I'm sick of taking care others' feeling brr I'm so done with this bye.


❝ Jangan hanya kerana dunia yang bersifat sementara ini, kita korbankan Akhirat yang selamanya.❞

P.s; entri dekat sini semua marhaen je. Sekejap guna saya, sekejap guna aku. Kalau ada yang salah minta tolong tegur supaya boleh diperbetulkan. Terima kasih.
Leave your comments, critics and thoughts here, so that I can improve myself in a better life, InshaAllah :)
Be Honest

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